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What wedding errors

Your elders, leadership, friends, co-workers, celebrities can be a master of ceremonies, in addition to your trust in their personality, they should have the appropriate level of, because you can't come back again. If they don't have the MC proved their level, you'd better not take his life events as a test. Professional master of ceremonies is a more secure way.
Wedding master of ceremonies? How many of these mistakes you?
Misunderstanding a celebrity master of ceremonies unless he or she is "wedding" aspects of the masters, or the so-called "famous" may not be able to bring benefits to your wedding.
Guru? Actor? Singer? Dang MC good tangled if he/she is presided over "name mouth", often with too strong of presided over style, let people feel is field "fully art party"; If is movie actor, and singer,, often will put wedding made "Davids deer"; if he very famous    gas, that more is you wedding of "big bogey", you of glory completely into in he of glory in, eventually you himself also cannot figure out, guest is view you of, also is view he of, dang wedding Shang, Cheers you doubt when they are for you or for him, excuse me, do you?
Do you bear stars keep up appearances?
Secondly, the fame, the greater, the more difficult to communicate, keep up appearances do not say, less time is left for you, you got married for the first time, but only this time, he couldn't very well prepared, study plan, and your wedding may NG, please?
Star of your Pocket enough drum?
Finally, the stars can often be heard to stand at the wedding! In addition, mention a star be your master of ceremonies, please your wallet "stars".
Myth: good friend MC emcee many couples like to choose a friend to make the wedding day, understanding and enthusiasm for friends on their own, believes he will be in the wedding day as you successfully complete the "MC" corner. We may believe his zeal, believing his friendship, believe in his sincerity, but this does not mean that we can trust in his grip for a wedding.
If a friend has actually presided over gift, then at least be with him to trust wedding company consulting, expert training. For you who married only once, it is best not to take the risk.