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Wedding ring how to set more meaningful

Diamond ring as a wedding ring, the man gave the woman. Diamond ring has a variety of mosaic technique inlay techniques various makes every diamond ring butt more harmonious. Also makes every diamond shines.
Package inserts (Bezel setting): this technical diamonds completely for frame-shaped edge surrounded by precious metals.
Channel set (Channel setting): was forced to insert, used framed rules of a row of small size stones. This mosaic technique uses two pieces of metal on both sides of holding gems. To round, narrow rectangular and square stones. Channel set as a track between diamonds.
Pavé (Pav setting): small diamond mosaic technology, diamond mosaic very close to each other, it is not metal. Pavé diamonds seem smooth.
Single set (Solitare): single diamond inlay.
Claw set (Tiffany Setting): long slender claws of holding gems four or six-jaw inlay. Beauty of this are diamonds, easy observation of diamond by cut, color, clarity, invented by the famous New York jewelry shangdifu, is now widely used.
Special cut (Fancy cut): Diamond cut in any form except for the round. Special cutters such as baguettes, Emerald-cut diamond, triangle, pear, Princess, oval and teardrop-shaped cut.