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Wedding in the spring should pay attention to what links

Dragon Chinese new year just around the corner, many couples want to take advantage of this happy day wedding, wedding in cold winters, however there are many special things to note, only we have prepared, in order to have a romantic wedding! Spring wedding what are the considerations for it!
Long veil covered face and match lace long sleeve wedding dress, like the Princess, head of the small Golden Crown as the Queen air.
Select first the bride wedding gown dress up, warm were the most important things, in the dress of choice should avoid silk, chiffon, mesh material, generally adding acrylic Cotton satin, velvet and thick satin is a good choice; should be avoided in the style of short, too short dress warm enough. Soft fur is a good choice.
Match something a little shawl both as an ornamental and can warm small plush shawl. White yarn with good texture of white and beige shawl, can make the bride more elegant, mix with Designer shawls and dresses, warm function on the one hand, and overall body proportions can pull the bride. Cape only cushion, of course, best to avoid air inlet when the welcoming of the bride not to catch a cold.
Bridal Gloves also need special attention are based on wedding style match long elbow gauntlets, not only to keep warm, the bride can also display colourful and well temperament.
Bridal wedding shoes here is to pay special attention to a pair of proper shoes matching dresses, you can choose platform high heels, feet not cool, shoes are best selected because guests toast, taking pictures is a very hard job, so walking heels will make you less tired.
Warm-keeping Essentials:
Both grace and temperature. New people can wear warm pants under the gown, dress stick a few warm baby, does not affect the appearance, and warm, and is called the maid of carry-on ready to hand warmers, then quietly took out warm snug fit!
Bridal makeup wedding bridal makeup was designed to cater for festive atmosphere of makeup. Bridal make-up emphasis on health red lip color and clean the eye shadow. Because in the end there is a closer look the bride, makeup and fine texture is very important. Makeup requires clean, lasting, happy, sweet and soft.
Hotel be sure to select the ride was quite close to the hotel, wedding venue tones with warm tones and a private lounge and warm rooms as the bride, bride dress up rest.
Wedding red rose, Calla Lily, lilies and Amaryllis are the most popular winter wedding wedding flowers, but can be done more greenhouse cultivation of flowers wedding flowers, white hydrangea and Anthurium. White corsage, decorated with a simple White Ribbon, make more handsome groom hand bouquet Ribbon Crystal bouquets can be, brings another bright.