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States proposing singular methods

Stand the test of time love is to be blessed, to marry him, it's not just a ceremony, more of your wisdom, creative, financial and sincerity to the test of time, you are ready to do battle? At home and abroad have proposed many different customs and ways. Grilled Steak world bizarre marriage proposal, although in different ways, but love's heart.
In the United Kingdom, Pennsylvania, boy if you ask a girl as his partner, is relatively easy. Because of the city's women reached the age of marriage, will use a "traffic light" approach, dressed in different colors, body-hugging clothes, signal to the men. If it is green, it means: "come on, everywhere", wearing yellow, says: "the chance is half" if it is a red, that indicates that: "stop, don't touch me. "
In Italy's Sicily, marriage between men and women, the initiative is often manipulated in the hands of women. If the woman in front of a man hit a sharp knot hair, that means: "you get to hunt. "
Tanzania's Masai tribe, the young man to find a good girl, he must kill a beast such as a lion, his brave, to marry a nice girl.
The Indians of Northern South America, Suriname, medium cigar to marry him. If the lad who falls in love with a girl, he told his parents, selected an auspicious day, go to home and elaborate cigar gifts to the bride, and said his proposal in good faith. If the father accepted, this marriage was a success.
Ma Huaian tribe in South America, mostly girls ask boys to marry him. Girls usually watch herself admires the boy's whereabouts. When it finds a young man working in the fields, they quietly underground, close to the boy's side, helping his farming, if guys don't leave her, so that means they agree.
Mexico's young men, if you fell in love with a girl, he hired the band to play under the girl's window Serenade, to marry him, sometimes from midnight until dawn.
Teluobulian in the Pacific Islands, courtship of young people is very special, if there is a girl with teeth snapping a guy, girl it just fell in love with him. Congolese boy to the girl to marry him, often gave the girl a roasted bird, and said: "I personally call this bird is. "If the girl loves him, give him a corn on the cob, and said:" this is my own. "
Afghanistan some of the tribes, when a young man falls in love with a girl, he will be fired into the air before the girl's home, said: I'm in love with you.
Paley family in Tanzania, if the young man sees a young woman, the man on the choice of the day, with a wide ceramic pot to the bride's House. Woman and if you agree, leave your pots or return man.