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Selection analysis of several elements of the wedding car

Character represents the people's attitude towards reality and the world around us, and in his demeanour. Person's character are divided into six categories, namely, theory, aesthetics, religion, economy, power, social types. How to choose wedding cars according to the personality of the couple?
According to the new character type who choose one of the wedding car theory: people with theory of Alfa Romeo: in order to seek the essence of things is the maximum value, but often powerless to solve practical problems. Philosophers, theorists are in this category.
Alfa Romeo: Italy is a very romantic and mysterious country, this land cultivated many highly respected philosophers, also shaped the dream the legendary Alfa Romeo from the "Red Cross" and "Dragon Snake" constitutes the Alfa Romeo logo, also with philosophy. At present, this flag has now become one of the world's most famous landmarks.
Two people with aesthetic: roewe 750 people with aesthetic: to feel beautiful as the Supreme value of life, and their life's purpose is the pursuit of self-fulfillment and self-gratification and not much concerned about real life. Artists belong in this category.
Roewe 750: roewe 750 is a classic British cars, "noble" is synonymous with his, the roewe 750 classic cigar-shaped body and perfect body proportions that many artists have produced "brief encounter" feeling.
TER-religious people: Cadillac people with religion: religion as the Supreme value of life, believe in supernatural forces, firmly believe that eternal life, to love, love for the standards of conduct. Theologians are typical representatives of such persons.
Cadillac: Cadillac is considered United States luxury car flags. Cadillac trademark is the kaidilaike family in ancient times in the wars of religion, using "Crown" and "the shield"-shaped heraldic bearing. "Crown" on the seven pearls is a gold Cadillac army Yi iron railings, and heroic, invincible, invincible English Division.
Four of economic man: accord cheap people: all focus on economic perspectives in pursuit of wealth, interest for the purpose of personal life. Industrialists belong in this category.
Accord: accord is the benchmark of Japanese cars are proud car, full of energy and oil, but, accord energy seems to be have been at the expense of some key cars can.
Five people with rights: Audi A6 power people: to get the power for the purpose of life, and have a strong sense of authority and power to dominate, to power as the Supreme value. Leaders fall into this category.
Audi: Audi A6 with kingly almost in all hearts have become rights and status symbol, if the Audi A6 to form fleet marriage, solemn weddings have a panoramic view of the atmosphere.
Six people with social: lingyu social people: the importance of social values, community with love and caring for the goal of self-realization and engaged in social welfare. Culture, education, health, social charity career activists belong to this type.
Lingyu: Passat PASSAT lingyu is Shanghai Volkswagen is based on the original, tailor-made for the Chinese market, a senior, in the series of public-spirited activities held at Shanghai Volkswagen, ubiquitous lingyu figure.