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Pure fairy tale honeymoons

Iceland is the most mysterious, the most incredible country in the world. Visited Iceland, and will have a very strong feeling--we are not here on Earth, but a trip to heaven. So, went to Iceland to see that is what Heaven!
Iceland travel for three reasons:
1, and didn't money to Moon, to Iceland see from Moon of landscape--in this sparsely populated of island Shang gallop, like is came to has another planet: no a tree tree, road on both sides of is endless of yellow green volcanic desert, days end is a seat seat volcano, also has cloud of glacier, and transpiration of hot springs, and Grand of falls drops drops points points show with Iceland of gentle, and rough, and splendor, and strange, and weird and unreal, no wonder when United States astronaut Moon zhiqian to in Iceland experience Moon of feel.
2, visit Iceland does not take a very long time – a three-day tour of Iceland, both compact and not in a hurry, very suitable for business travellers in Europe take a brief holiday, if you have a weekend with a day of leisure, you can plan an Iceland tour. In addition, the Iceland tourist main points of natural beauty, suitable for travelers who love exotic natural beauty.
3, travel a good deal: Iceland has been considered one of the most expensive country in the world, but because the impact of the financial crisis, Iceland's currency, the krona exchange rate fell by more than half, although slowly rising from a minimum, but costs more than ever before, basically almost hit 56 percent, thus quite cost-effective. Now Iceland airline also reduced air fares to attract more tourists.
There is the pure air and water in the world, and the best hot springs. Or because Iceland is a mysterious country: compared to the other Nordic countries, Iceland look very original, very close to man and nature. But they are very progressive and advanced in certain areas, such as Iceland's music. Bjork can only be described as Iceland's most famous musician, than Iceland very high standard musicians and groups, she is not even the best! Iceland appears very stiff wood knotting, but their celebration can be at least a day and a night, everyone has its own Forte, music, dance, jugglers, poetry. Or, if you are tired of anything on Earth to travel you can choose Iceland: as the most similar to the Lunar terrain on the planet, Iceland was in the middle of the first moon landing Armstrong training places.
Maybe you have in Japan felt the hot spring in the snow, but the hot springs there is a small pool, line up one by one, in the Blue Lagoon, you can soak in the Lake. Soak in the warm waters of the Lake, vision is so open, snow flying in the warm smoke, before falling to the who could not wait to become droplets. At this point no other desire, just close your eyes and enjoy the gifts of nature.
In addition, there are hot springs mud is also very famous, because Iceland is a volcanic country, Blue Lake is located on an extinct volcano, useful in the formation of mineral deposits at the end of the Lake, water or good luck man, cheers when they are dug into the white clay because the clay has a good effect on beauty and health.
Gold falls in 123 kilometers northeast of the city of Reykjavík, about 10 km from the geyser, one of the most famous waterfalls in Europe. Gold falls is Iceland one of the most beautiful waterfalls, is Iceland's favorite waterfall. The waterfall as the mighty and majestic scenery. Turbulent water flow down into the Canyon, fall over more than 50 m, a deafening ROAR.
The Sun, in transpiration of water mist, covered with little drops of water sparkled, bright colourful Rainbow looms, as if the entire waterfall is made of gold, hence the name "Golden waterfall" of the name.
Pour down a waterfall splashing out of the water in the sky, sunlight Rainbows form road, as if the entire waterfall is made of gold into scenes and incomparably, tourists who stay unforgettable.
Gold falls in winter, although there is no emerald green company, not against the glare of the Sun, no swarms of birds, less proud of a summer, but in the snow, tenderness, and fully reveal the falls side of warmth.
Located in Iceland's most southern tip, from Ray city, car dealers for 4 hours you can reach. VIC town of 600 people, in peace and harmony is a small town, in a small town is behind the endless sea. VIC is a small town most famous black-sand beaches. The so-called black-sand beaches, is on the general concept of the beach where all of us are black in color. Due to its natural black, black transparent, water is not affected in any case is still clear, suffused with Golden Shimmer in the Sun. From VIC town by land, sea and amphibious ship into the sea, although only the first 10 miles, but also swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.
Wear Shang up of waterproof clothing and life jackets, in Atlantic of arms in the, with with seabirds of tweet, with with Wen Xun of sea breeze, with with warm of Sun, free forward, you will see ahead similar China South Beacon Hill of several small island, because Earth turned warm, and level rose, makes a more century Qian of several seat straight of Alpine only left several Hill, and into has seabirds settlement of paradise.
Miwadenghu (the Chinese also known as Rice Lake) is located in the aodadalun lava North of leikesaihe to import water from the North Atlantic due to groundwater through cracks into the lower, into the Lake, it was Iceland's fifth largest lake, Lake is about 37 square kilometers and a depth of 2.5 metres, Lake boat tours, fishing in the Lake. Due to the barrier of the mountains and Lake myvatn is considered Iceland one of the driest regions, the weather is often very good. Is Iceland's most important tourist area. Miwadenghu in addition to the beautiful scenery outside still have complete volcanic landscape, including geothermal, intermittent fountains, craters, and so on. Because of the rich and miwadenghu in 1974, was the Government planning for the special reserve.
1, Iceland because of small population, more than 200,000, so to encourage childbirth, all unmarried couples living together and having children is legal, so if you met on the streets than your daughter's young girl pushing a stroller in the Sun, never be completely surprised by anything. Because in Iceland over the age of 16 and having children is legal.
2, is usually stay in the hotel in the hotel with breakfast, no slippers, but room facilities such as water, bath oil, all to bring your own.
3, if possible, be sure to visit Iceland's fish, shrimps and wool manufacturers.
4, if you can be in Iceland by ship travel, and taste on the ship raised shellfish, brandy may be eaten on the spot, absolutely not diarrhea.
5, Iceland's museums than elsewhere, it is best to visit a, is enough.
6, strongly recommended car ring Iceland travel, Iceland no pollution of the natural environment-the mountain clouds fog in China seen in Tibet, but in Iceland's exotic, unparalleled in Tibet. Car cruise short for 1 week, long a month, all in person the time and mood. All in all, Iceland is not boring and monotonous as you think he is a suspended in the ocean Pearl of Northern Europe, silently to shine.