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Look at the health of simple wedding

Green Expo's initiative so that we know the meaning of energy conservation and emission reduction. September wedding tag successfully begun. Series of questions will test new "energy-saving" consciousness: have to throw money at the wedding is not available? Ceremonies have to toss be? In the quality of life of the dictionary, simple weddings, can also be very stylish, very healthy.
"Thoughts, do what"
Joy of marriage is one filled with happiness. Many couples are happy to win, and lose energy and wallets, bear both economic and emotional debts eventually, so unhappy, not worth it at all.
Marriage enough brains to calculate, the planning, preparation, and spent large sums of money to troubled mortgage after wedding. It has deviated from the original intention of getting married. Daily life under such stress, disease and depression are likely to slip the door "visit", once a disease-ridden, which still have no happiness about? In fact, if "Jane" the right direction, and will not just be money saved, saves keep your burden. So, come on throw away those old thoughts, do what it takes to do the happiest most newcomers.
"Preparation • accurate streamline"
Organizing a wedding is quite bothered, hurried wedding to overload themselves in a short time, and this time, precise location can help you "Jane" was real.
1, streamline guest list you would most like to invite and the needs of guests invited. Don't blame or sleep through the night for fear of which distant relatives was missing.
2, streamline the invitation designer invitations can also be a Jane and Jane, wedding, wedding information, such as the road map through clever design to concentrate on a wedding invitation, so that you can save a lot of flowers in the paper, printing, design and mailing costs.
"The arrangement • use resources"
The wedding preparations, may wish to launch close relatives and friends, clever deployment of resources. For example, if your friends are dealing with flowers, ask for help. Maybe he'll be based on the purchase of your wedding colors, through the season flowers at reasonable prices, likely to help you save money. These flower arrangement if you can use, will save you a lot of features about the cost.
Selection of focus: at the wedding. Guest focus on flowers for a limited time. So, you can choose to only at the wedding ceremony in front of the, the most prominent place of two flowers, the other locations can be as simple as possible.
Reused: elaborate wedding ceremony bouquet, disk moves insidiously onto the wedding again, eliminating the need for duplicate spending can also make guests feel unity of style of wedding ceremony and reception.
Clear priorities: primary disk on the table you can choose the relatively inexpensive or seasonal flowers like dahlias and hydrangea, for desktop central base of the corsage. Bouquets of flowers will be above the cover at the bottom of part of it, so it really does not matter.
Clever use of Visual: the texture and size of juggling with Central decoration can make your desktop look more expensive than they really gorgeous. For example, using three simple glass cylinder that hold up a cluster of Wicker wrapped flowers, and flowers on the traditional menorah has the same visual effect, and even more unique.
"Banquets • learn to choose"
Wedding is the largest part of the entire wedding cost, is also the most nerve-racking part. Necessary to take into account the food and taste, but also find affordable. So, how to make the wedding guests eat a healthy and comfortable? May wish to consult the following:
1, telephone inquiries are invited to confirm in advance to attend, avoid more than a feast. Every one of our guests means that the more you have to pay for meals, drinks and invitations.
2, prior to adding seats to the hotel and ask the provisional charge, wine prices, avoid unnecessary disputes in the wedding check out the scene.
3, the advantages of ostentation and luxury is more important than the lot. If you want the guests to spend a few hours on his way to attend your wedding, I am afraid that their happiness would be discounted.
4, can select can provide targeted consumer-style bar or open bar, there is usually some soft drinks. This can resolve repeated toasts to health hazards, and save costs, also to take into consideration everyone's preferences for different wines. What do people love to drink and begins to take it.
"Teach you a move"
Honeymoon couple wedding photos can be placed on domestic honeymoon shoot, not only save area and travel post, but retaining that beautiful moment.
Amoy back to sample many wedding bridal shop is held twice a year – of clean samples with best price wedding dress. However, you have to consider a discount wedding dresses need to be dry-cleaned and modify, make moves before you do a small amount for this cost estimate.
Start friends borrowed car if not pay attention to, in the circle of friends can choose to borrow the car. Tie wedding car flowers, you can choose to go to the flower market to buy, believe that your friends are willing to experiment with DIY-dye fresh experience of the car.
Look for honeymoon trip travel agency sales staff is good at psychological attack, step by step to sell you honeymoon at a higher level when you add hundreds of upgrade at a time, only to find that the end of the journey has been far over budget is a lot of money. So couple to check where want to go on the Internet, found lines do not listen to others than talk directly after registration.
Smoke without per capita does not need a pack of cigarettes per person on each table, a table for two is enough. Candy will be arranged a wedding planning and wedding consultations, usually packages sent one hundred or two hundred candy should be no problem.