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Learn details about wedding taboos

In general couples choose to avoid in the first lunar month (at new year festive), March (Ching Ming Festival), June (fear dark couple, but actually a big problem), July (Yue LAN Festival, also known as Halloween) and September (Chung Yeung Festival), most prefer August (Festival) and the end of Christmas day afternoon. But in fact date from both parents is the most important month of the lunar calendar birthday and should seek their advice in advance, calculated both time character, avoiding wedding day came, and the wedding go smoothly.
Due to customs and traditions are different, the current date criteria does not have uniform standards across the country. Proposed new people seeking the views of elders on the auspicious day, list a list of auspicious days they recommend, or suitable marriage dates on the calendar, and then make a choice according to their own situation:
The working and learning situation into account. If one is reading, and should avoid the intense examination stage; if one is engaged in major projects, they will patiently wait until the news came to the optional "auspicious days".
Taking into account both the physical results. If physical discomfort or illness must be timely cultivation, can be negotiated after he recovered. Marriage also should steer clear of the woman's menstrual period, girls don't be shy say oh.
Consider the timing of both parents, it is best to select both date elders to attend.
Think about your ideal wedding demand for weather conditions. If you were expecting a fresh Lawn wedding, it is necessary to avoid the cold winter and hot summer; if you're going to engage in a romantic and warm beach wedding, late summer and early autumn is the better choice.
Of course, you can also choose a memorable occasion for both sides, such as met, such as anniversaries, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, weddings become more meaningful.
More blessing for you, do not speak, dirty, ugly, acerbic blog, joke not too much, enough is enough. Can be fun. Tease. Base line. Nothing too.