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How to use natural light in photos

Spring wedding season. Many new people in the wedding will have to face the problem, very good shape, mirror is always on is not good, what to do to make yourself more photogenic? Wedding photography provides the following tips!
Wedding photography, clever use of natural light to ingenious use of natural light is a wedding photographer's most valuable properties. Skinny beautiful in the evening light can add luster for new photos. If the light is too strong, you can find some natural shade, such as standing under the dense trees.
Shading can avoid eyes focus when taking photos, which look more spirit. If the wedding is held during the winter months, may wish to take advantage of natural light; or in the panoramic Windows framing, or leaning out of the window, put yourself into the cold in nature, leaving a perfect image.
Play makeup effect in order to ensure the smooth skin texture, the bride should choose a reddish or bronze powder makeup. With shiny cream makeup is not suitable for wedding photography, because shiny makeup in the film appears on the reflective effect.
Recommended when brides choose a foundation color close to their skin color, especially when the skin below the neck and neck exposed when there are if the base color is too shallow, discord occurs "mask" effect.