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Groom Wedding need to know about 10 games

Members members of the sisters, think about how to groom over through six will do? Think about how to get from the groom did start package? If not sure, look at small summary 10 tips, will make the groom sweat it!
1, love me love my dog if relatives of the bride's family to spin, then quickly take photos out, let the groom to meet, said now that is love, that love everything about her and, of course, include relatives, Luo!
Small series of reviews: this game will not make groom has excessive physical exertion, more suitable for summer wedding to avoid hot weather suits the groom sweat, influence the shape 2, MO conquers groom, I do for brides to do what you want? First calf knife, pour 400ml 355ml Cola bottle, groom holding the bottle in the corridors and stairwells in a circle, back requirements is to 355ml left the coke you groom how much is left?
Small series of reviews: friends and relatives can enhance the game's difficulty, make Coke more full, but remember not to amuse people, some very difficult places to avoid wedding day groom have accidental injuries.
3, Tokimeki remember when bride and groom first met wearing clothes? Do you remember the time and place of the meeting for the first time? Do you still remember when the first kiss? Take advantage of this time to torture it, Oh, wrong will be punished!
Small series of reviews: this is one of the more interesting games, can be seen to the bride and groom are not intentional, but, after all, is the big wedding day, so as not to groom nervous gaffes, ready to issue or a bit simple.
4, cooing and what disgusting bride and not that? Take advantage of the opportunity to test the groom, bride's love be a poem a poem out loud, this is tested while the bridegroom culture! Groom are ready to wake up!
Small series of reviews: the groom when preparing the words, is careful not to be too grandiose.
5, endure the groom culture alone is not enough, there must be a bright intelligence, IQ questions, groom's wisdom into full play, Hey, no wonder the groom's head has white hair now, must have brains too!
6, ideal objects must have a deep understanding for the bride and groom, sisters of the bride pictures and other pictures in the eyes, nose, mouth, ears cut off, see if the groom can spell out complete in the time allotted the bride pictures?
7, the public seeking her love posted in bride's House 9, let the groom find 9 love within the prescribed time, came before the bride to express love for the bride for ever and ever!
8, Oi Duen Liu sin that wrong people are joking in their feet tied the red line, so the groom is ready at the required time in the red line across the 9-pin, represents the future of Oi Duen Liu sin.
9, heart to heart brides and sisters red lip prints on paper to the groom to identify, groom be able to correctly identify it?
10, wife maximum, the hen-pecked man is a good man, so aloud "couples of unequal treaties", even though some treaty was outrageous for my wife to abide by Oh, and sign your name, so that his wife can play Oh!