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From this work 4 good income married gifts

Whether the new helper or the couple themselves, receive gifts, are some good presents small details that need attention. Married received gifts are also great! How to wedding wedding day does not appear awkward, natural collection gift it? here we tell you about need to pay attention to several problems when getting married received gifts!
1, when guests send cash, tend to be in the lucky bag, charges should check it? if not counted, will cause the accounts of chaos?
Counting the cash in front of guests is an impolite behavior of nature, but not counted, also causing confusion in the final account. Is the best way, by a person responsible for the money, received guests at the red envelope's name, and then transferred to another persons brought into the lounge for inventorying, recording.
2, if the guest is in the form of cash gifts of gold, cash and checks should put together a? received checks without identification?
Check the smaller, if mixed with many cash, it is easy to lose, so to prepare a bag is designed to receive a cheque, will be incorporated separately from checks and cash. Different types of checks, it is better to make a distinction, in post processing, the new, more convenient. When a cheque is received, check personnel to make any new details like a cursory check up or sign, and checks to cash, is best left to the couple after the Bank is more suitable.
3, if the guest is sent out precious ornaments, usually directly for the couple wear, jewelry gift is not recorded, recording?
Because many guests like to gold ornaments and jewellery on directly for a new dress, jewelry money very easily lead to confusion. Sometimes accidentally missing one or two pieces, newcomers not knowing, belies the guest's mind. So, the couple received gifts in the process, there should be one guest in a side name, variety and number of clear records of the present, after the inventory. Also when sending thank you cards after the new, clearly marked thanks to guests and a gift. Records of course best not to record before the guests, it is very impolite.
4, accept gifts or gift, need to pay attention to details courtesy of which?
Whether the new helper or the couple themselves, receive gifts, are some good presents small details that need attention.
First, in front of the guests, don't expect them to pinch the thickness of the envelopes, and counting gifts such as impolite; second, finds surprisingly little of the amount on the check, don't look surprised, if you really suspect guests fill out a mistake, you can use the identification of handwriting signature or identifying reasons for guests to confirm once again checks. Third, when guests bring gifts are not the right size, not up on the spot, if the couple is not suitable is placed to the side, then it is very impolite. Faced with this situation, the couple can be said with humor: "I will take it as a family heirloom, and when my daughter got married to her. "Take this gift, and both would be happier.