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Four props to create a romantic wedding

Detail perfect, beautiful and luxurious wedding is by building of many details. At weddings, in addition to the decoration of the wedding hero "flowers", a lot of props are important supporting actor wedding wedding, they are essential, it is equally important. Wedding invitations, ring pillows, seat cards, candy ... ... Spend a little effort, to create exclusive your romance.
Greeting cards greeting cards to inform should be before the wedding venues more conspicuous position, or plays a direct role at the intersection. Design and production should be in line with the wedding theme, greeting cards are continuing wedding invitations to the guests present at the ceremony after the first part of the wedding theme and therefore need to be carefully designed.
Place card place card is where guests find their seats in the first time the best guidance, write guest seating cards guest feel more unique, and valued. Best and wedding theme place card style.
Return refund guests Xie has become a new fashion wedding. Special guests of the newcomers will pick in return. Candy, handkerchiefs, key chains, dolls toys, chopstick, even some of his specialty, courtesy light and mutual affection, can make guests feel the gratitude of the newcomers.
Candy selection of candy should give full consideration to the wedding guest's age structure, types and quantities of candy to a certain proportion. Different people can be sent to different kinds of candy. Exquisite candy wrapper is compatible with new ideas, and links. A beautiful wedding candy packaging will become the best wedding souvenirs.