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Ceremony wedding engagement resolution

Big speaking engagement before the wedding, engagement is now a lot of people do not understand, particularly generation new youth engagement almost little is known. Love you know in an engagement ceremony? Now of age to marry, what are you waiting for? Took her hand into a happy marriage!
Prepare men should form part of the relevant gift gifts 1. dowry can be divided into employed and small panel should be numbered and packed with red paper.
2. the dowry of the bride price is usually the husband can be divided into simple six or 12 pieces of the grand ceremony, sent to the bride's House.
3. feast of feast home hospitality catered by the man about how much, and in gift bags to cash payment.
4. the matchmakers, slightly more men than women.
5. go man go to the bride's house number 6 or 10, 12 people can be.
Woman gifts 1. Pick number gift envelopes.
2. prepare the sweet tea.
3. preparing sweet dumplings, Dim sum.
4. serve a feast.
5. give the groom 6 or 12 pieces (hats, ties, clothing, Cufflinks, etc).
6. matchmaker for a number.
Engagement ceremony the same day 1. worship the man before leaving, first ancestor and incense offerings against ancestors, ancestors to bless this marriage and happiness.
2. based on the number of men went to the woman's family was even, held by older relatives and friends of the man, and six-car limo.
3. na mining man na hire fleet arrived at the bride's House about 100 metres, the man set off firecrackers, the woman fired guns to greet, and by her brothers one door for the groom, then end of wash water to wash and groom, hand, the groom should be back with red envelopes return. Gong Liguan bride price to the bride's father and brother.
4. serve sweet tea bride accompanied by the matchmaker, bouquet of sweet tea and offered to come to NA recruits to the groom's family and friends.
5. Tea Cup of sweet tea, bride pulled out tray your Cup again, male guests red envelopes should be placed on a tray with Cup, commonly known as "Tea Cup".
6. step stool bride by lucky lady out, sitting in a high chair in the lobby, feet on a small stool, facing the door, but, in the face.
7. wear ring by the groom out of red gold ring, silver ring on the bride's right middle finger, that tie the knot. She was at this time for the bride to wear a necklace and earrings gift.
8. set wedding fired guns at this point, is completed, the woman should be congratulated burning firecrackers.