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Bride trilogy of beautiful hair to create

For women, the most proud thing for anyone to have glamorous hair. In public, under the limelight, showing their beautiful black hair, it is very happy and proud of it! to make a perfect bridal wedding, no glamorous hair is not enough. Here is a look at charming three-step washing out the bride's hair.
Step1. shampoo--good shower with shampoo to the scalp!
Not cleaning, shampoo the hair, it is good thing to prepare for the scalp. Shampoo not Blat from the Blat from the rubbing, but to reach the wash the residue in the aging of the scalp sebum and the purpose of hair products. The dirt from the hair wash with hot water fully wash off more easily.
1. first of all, wash hair shampoo with warm water easily dissolved in warm water, so put your hair in warm water infiltration. Dirt on the surface of the hair will be washed off easily.
2. use fingers gently massage scalp shampoo on the scalp, using pulp from the hairline to the top side of the massage while cleaning.
Tip: cut the scalp of the scalp massage, health and beauty is a treasure trove of point. Its number of points is said to be the foot several times. Remember that here are a few common points, try to make a point massage!
Fingertips slightly, his thumb pressing ear, above the other four fingers to press the head, draw a circular massage. Each acupuncture point massage five times or more and better results.
A: Baihui point............ Helps relaxation, prevention of hair loss b: hanging skull hole............ C prevention of skin around the eye relaxation: gaseous pulse points ... ... ... ... D tighten facial and head skin: hearing holes ... ... ... ... Tighten the lip and cheek skin e: fengchi............ Ease sore head and shoulder f: Tianzhu point............ Helps relax 3. carefully rinse will shampoo in the hair with his hand cleaning like a massaging the skin. To avoid shampoo residue. About 3 minutes.
Tip: do not use hot water to wash hair!
Because hot water can damage the cuticle. With the temperature approaching 38 degrees is the optimum temperature.
Step2. deep repair products deep baked into nutrition for hair repair product--ointment, vitamin e deep repair products for damaged hair, such as nutritional supplements: from within the space between the cuticle penetration into her hair, added because of damage and loss of nutrients, help hair repair.
4. will repair the product on the hair and gently massage after flushing will repair the product onto the hair below the ears, until the massage to the residual volume is low, remove them all. To note is applied to the hair, not scalp, otherwise it will cause clogged pores, odor.
Tip: seriously damaged hair repair products are recommended by using the towel wrapping the heating paint repair products, hair with a hot towel wrap, bath soak. Transpiration, moderately warm and filled with steam, you can make the hair cuticle to open, repair the nutritional content of products is easier access to the hair.
Step3. correct use of daily care products--Hair Conditioner hair surface to form a layer of protective film role is in the hair surface to form a thin layer of protective film. This layer can reduce the friction between the hair, controlling static electricity. For surface working of the conditioner in the hair material, so be sure to use at the end.
5. hair care products should not apply too much paint on the surface of the hair is enough, don't need hard rubbing or massaging it into the scalp, but must pay attention to clean!
Tip: attention! Repair the product and conditioner must be used in order!
Repair product is work on the hair, so before using the conditioner. Nutrients in the conditioner is not alone onto the surface of the hair into its interior.