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About Western wedding customs

In Britain, the United States and other Western powers, during the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom unique wedding testimonies, and traditional Chinese wedding custom and wedding ceremony is different. Is usually presided over by a priest, which is derived from the ancient wedding customs in Northern Europe.
Veil Bridal Veil was at first as a symbol of young and virginal, Catholic veil represents purity of the bride. Therefore, many brides chose to wear double church at the Wedding Veil, bride's father after his daughter to the groom, groom unveiled by hand.
Ring the Bible says, in ancient times, man proposing to woman of seizure is a ring. In 9th century, Pope Nicholas I decreed that provided the man giving her wedding ring was proposing formal steps that are indispensable.
Bride on her wedding day the custom of wearing a tiara for a long time, old woman of marriageable age are wearing garlands, to distinguish it from a married woman, a symbol of virginity.
Color of the wedding dress bridal gown the color of tradition, also has a specific meaning: white represents purity and virginity, United States and United Kingdom common yellow is a symbol of love and abundance.
Bouquets of flowers on behalf of *** and reward, convey messages of the prosperity of rich and distinguished, honor of bridal bouquet will have good luck, people who will be the next marriage.
The bride stands on the groom's left this custom originated grab age of marriage, fearing that the bride's family will grab back the bride at the wedding, the groom must vacate right to challenge at any time.
Kiss each other according to custom, wedding couple kiss and came to an end. This Kiss has a profound meaning: by kissing a person's breath and stay in another part of the body, love them together.
Couple's car when newlyweds honeymoon departure, tied on the back of the car a lot of cans, it originates from the ancient custom of throwing shoes, wedding guests to the rookie throwing shoes, think that if shoes hit the car carrying new, it will bring good luck.