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Winter wedding planning tips to make your wedding more perfect

The perfect wedding Hotels:
A, the transportation is convenient: as wedding hotels, convenient transportation is primary conditions so wedding guests can easily reach the hotel; B, the environment must meet the requirements: wedding must reach the hotel wedding requirements, married life is very important, comfortable space, bright lights, beautiful d├ęcor, warm fire perfect wedding arrangement, sound settings, profile stage, for wedding celebrations provide an exciting environment, atmosphere; C, and recipes requirements: married banquet hotel, to has features dishes, for guests enjoy, according to guest of style, and taboo,, hotel can provides let guest satisfaction of married banquet food single; d, and service thoughtful: married banquet hotel must can provides good of service, meet customer of needs, service personnel to do wants to guest of by not wants to, urgent guest of by urgent, and all asked recommends sponsor quickly properly arrangements good each a details of work, for whole married banquet reception process provides service; E, wumart and price: wedding hotel must provide customer satisfaction, consumer prices, good environment, good facilities, good food, good service and value for money; thoughtful wedding hotel, arranged carefully, paying particular attention to hospitality, this hotel is the preferred wedding celebrations.
Build the most affordable dishes:
A, select the appropriate time, many wedding focuses on several important festivals of the year, be staggered in these festivals, greater allowance space of the hotel.
B, comparison shopping is not fooled customers according to their requirement for number of dishes, select several hotels bid for reference, so clearly the consumer.
C, guest and host the wedding of hotels to determine related discount consumer written contracts, each holding a copy of guests in the consumption process according to the order acceptance, to ensure that its interests.
; An invitation time, the banquet table number:
In determining a contractor before the hotel, ready to invite wedding guests must be recorded, we can determine a certain number of tables; B consumer contract, the catering and the hotel is correct, to friends and family by invitation; C, after sent out the invitations, divorce receptions a week time, the sponsor must be received invitation again invite (telephone invitation), and ultimately determine how many wedding banquet tables again, and told the host hotel; d, usually every weekend, the weather is good the arrival rate is higher.
Wedding General items:
Liquor: General each table prepared 2 bottle (500ml/bottle); beer: for season guest preferences amount prepared; beverage: General using carbonate soda beverage, each table 2 bottle (Coke 1.25L1 bottle, snow bi 1.25L1 bottle); seeds: General seeds watermelon child each table 0.5 pounds, bulk sugar General each table 0.5 pounds (seeds, and sugar must amount more prepared); boxed candy: General each table by 12 small box prepared (amount more prepared); Hi smoke: General each table 2 package (Chinese 1 package, 351 package, Other scenes should be available to receive smoke); Note: for guest status suspended need drinks, beverages may vary by grade requirement) and facilities: ceremonial stage, sound, video, microphone, music, banners, wedding cards, wedding, Bridal dressing rooms: (Note: in addition to video, the other can be provided by the hotel).
Choose the groomsmen the bridesmaids:
Held wedding of hotel, wedding photography like are belongs to hardware, and men and women friends of select is is a letter of "software", and also is interesting, usually first was column Shang list of are is groom bride of good friends or compared close of colleagues, if to pull with finger number number conditions words, age similar, is kind-hearted, Ken for friends anything, can "alcohol" test, also to top have live guest of carrot and stick and gentle, desperately guardian buddies when of embarrassing thing and affair.
Bridesmaid gift; driver gift (red each a amount can is divided into 10 Yuan, and 20 Yuan, and 50 Yuan, and 100 Yuan ranging, 10 Yuan can prepared large, 50 Yuan, and 100 Yuan can prepared 5-6 a on can, groomsmen, and driver gift, and sugar and two package smoke, bridesmaid can prepared silk towel, and cosmetics like); also should according to local custom do some prepared, as some place will on guest for some return: red eggs like of. BACK PAGE