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Wedding envelopes give them knowledge of how many new people will know

Wedding in red envelopes:
Parents of red on the "obvious" in the whole wedding process, parents gave a red envelope is a very important aspect. Here has learned, is that red is on the "obvious". During the ceremony, when parents heard his daughter-in-law, son-in-law called themselves, are generally happy, visit happy easy thing to forget to give. At this point, red if you put in "obvious", the host sees, will find a way to remind parents to give problems. Otherwise, the host forgot to prepare dared not remind, purpose in such an unexpected attention is embarrassing.
New red envelopes to whom most of the newcomers took the parents red envelope turned over to their bridesmaids and groomsmen, in fact, that there's a knowledge to make the action worth considering.
Brides conveniently give red envelopes to the bridesmaid, this indicates that the bride and the maid of honor is the latest, this gift to her was most reassuring. However, any nearer than a bridesmaid at the wedding of people?, of course it is the groom.
Therefore, if the bride turned, to his groom red envelopes, this small action fully reflects the intimate with the groom, also representing two people's money is not you and I, to give each other a good impression on the parents.
Similarly, to give red envelopes to the bride and groom, bride wedding dress did not deposit bonus where there can carry it back to the groom, once again shows that close. BACK PAGE