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Unique collection of groom wedding speech husband wedding conventions

The Convention on the domestic
1, theoretically supported "gender equality" principles--equality of men and women sharing household chores, but men should actively apply for dirty!
2, in theory supports "everyone has to do their part" principles--both men and women should undertake their own good at housework! at the time of the need for cooperation, both sides should adhere to the "friendly consultations, consult, patient communication, mutual support" four basic principles.
3, when her bad mood or feeling unwell, he should first of all give spiritual comfort and take most of the housework, obey her field; when the guy when a bad mood or feeling unwell, the woman should take the initiative to give spiritual comfort, man after a good recovery state, and then continue to follow the 1th, 2.
4, the need to hold "positive" attitude toward chores-take pride in doing housework, not ashamed of doing housework; take pride in active labour, to escape labor ashamed of housework found to be good fun, relationships, strengthening cohesion of the couple.
5, when any housework done, when you display the fruits of labor, first of all to give due recognition and encouragement of the other party, and then pointed out that slightly fly in the ointment. (PS: no slashing of criticism, no cynicism of made fun of, no insensitive of contempt) 6, dang any party finished housework Hou, another party should give reasonable of reward--spirit content including: back, and massage, and end tea pour water, and provides belly cushion, and provides human sofa, and so on! material content including: ice cream, and Lu JI claw, and yogurt, and fruit, and snacks, and so on (can exchange cash)!
7, couples to spontaneously to each other – both sides understand each other's hard work, respect each other's work, understand each other's pay! to adjust domestic fatigue, weekly leisure activities (such as eating a big meal, shopping, watching movies, and so on), the open, dominated by mutual willingness to!
8, couples should consciously follow the "I know, I participate, I contribute" spirit, raise awareness, enhance quality, and clearly define responsibilities, always dominated by family values, adhere to the "family's interests above everything else", hand in hand, for a better tomorrow--I love my family, 50 years!
(The provisions of the Convention for these articles for the time being, can be changed by woman's no reason no unconditional, the man has the power to challenge, but the objection really is the power of final interpretation in the woman's hands) male: YYY (fingerprints) female: XXX (fingerprints) the peace agreement after the wedding
First, loving husband, firmly committed to her husband, absolute obedience to her husband's leadership.
Second, strictly abide by the schedule up at 6 o'clock in the morning, making breakfast (meal 5 Yuan/person), no delays, laziness, stealing and withheld food; after 11:30 sleep, facial cleaning time shall not exceed 3 minutes before going to bed, and consciousness as the husband and child back, no late, leave early and reduce service standards; holidays without a break.
Three, wife to participate regularly in training, and constantly improve the cooking (fluent in at least four items), housekeeping (5-star hotel standards), and traditional Chinese medicine, such as massage techniques (excluding Mongolia doctor).
Four, the wife should always pay attention to grooming, appearance, is prohibited at home and unkempt, disheveled (sexy costumes); dresses and flirtatious manner is strictly prohibited in the open air, to be "in the kitchen, out of the Hall."
Five, monthly salary, bonus and all earnings must be turned over to the husband, not resistance to pay shall not be omitted, no private personal accounts; daily make-up expenses cannot be more than 10 per cent, by the husband on a daily basis to allocate (holidays not included) shall not be overdrawn for any reason, advance, husbands have a right to know and the right to audit on the expenditure family.
Six, shuttle mission on the children from school to school, shall not be any reason to delay; holidays to strictly implement the "holiday on duty" responsibility to arrange family banquet (10 dishes, soup, flavored meal) with children playground (and not looking to chat with other male parent), chatting with his mother (and not napping or watching TV). If there is a breach, according to the extent of the plot, respectively or merge the Devil (demerit), and make-up fees, buckle clothing expense or dispose of the confiscated cosmetics.
Seven, wife on home health work bears full responsibility. Health check to the ISO-9002 five-star hotel standards inspection, found on the spot penalties for substandard, respectively or merge to fasten clothing expense, cosmetic penalties, spot clean it three times.
Eight, except holidays should not watch TV, do not rob their husbands and children of remote, no noise, no TV drama series, as well as any husband do not like the program. If there is a breach, respectively or merge fine to MOP the floor three times, cancel qualification of watching TV a month penalty.
Nine, watched the men (3-80 years old) eye shall not timeout of three seconds at a time (included), with a male gaze today day shall not be more than three times (including), is strictly prohibited to meet with phone calls, letters, old lovers, Internet access and all the.
Plenary, wife of the same things in the statement shall not be more than 3 times (inclusive), each statement must not exceed 3 minutes (inclusive), the volume should not exceed 20 DB (included).
12, wife to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization and eliminate waste and material compare (eat well before you buy diet pills, jewelry), improve ourselves to establish family contributions, home economics, cooking, good atmosphere.
13, in any aspect of any family problems, must be subject to "a superior" principle (that is, absolute obedience to the husband's decision).
14, wife of petty, dressmaking, makeup and other fees, monthly as a pay-for-performance, evaluation of cooking, health, obedience, grooming, working attitude of the five aspects, each 20 points out of 100; to conduct a self evaluation, final evaluation by the husband is responsible for.
XV, wife of evaluation to reach 90 points according to the husband's wage 5% receive performance pay; 85 minutes to earmarking is strictly prohibited by the 4% diversion, all financial expenditures by husband sign the uniform. If there is a breach, according to the extent of the plot, respectively or merge subject to a clothing expense deduction, makeup, separated for a month until the wife positions of the disposition. Following standard no pay-for-performance, continuous automatic discharge the six substandard nationality marriage. Evaluation of more than 90 minutes for two consecutive years will receive "good wife of bran" honorary title, performance increases eventually increased to 1% 10% and enjoy 2 days of paid vacation, holiday cannot be accumulated when effective.
16, not love, may not in any form with 17 friends, keep the family secrets, ensure that the basic elements of the system release.
18, is strictly prohibited in men (3-80 years old) laugh, before art; no men alone. If there is a breach, depending on the gravity, by the husband under special rectification spirit, strictly, from fast to crack down, any person, any form of intercession, the harbor will be punishable by perverting the course of Justice.
19, prohibited access to pornography, gambling and drugs; is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink, Gossip Girl, and all husbands against indulgence. Has found instant dismissal nationality marriage, while her husband has AIDS and abets "eight old women" the right to prosecute.
20, the husband is responsible for monitoring the implementation of this system, and has the final interpretation right.
21, the system was started on July 1, 2010 trial BACK PAGE