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Small series of interpretation: some considerations for Chinese wedding banquet menu

Note: number of Chinese wedding banquet food for even most parts of our country have an unwritten tradition, red wedding (what we call the wedding) dishes, the number of even numbers. Symbol wedding dishes there are eight food fortune, ten dishes perfect symbol to 12 dishes happy month.
Note II: the wedding banquet food raw materials must be selected based on custom, mind tabu wedding dishes are generally not affected by helping schools of restrictions and materials are not very expensive, but a little more weight, for taste, try to match with wine. Guests must not appear hungry or feel free to eat. Often heard of friends to a five-star hotel for wedding, came back complaining about not enough phenomenon that gives guests a very bad impression.
Note III: wedding menu in the design process for people with food we are a country of many nationalities, each nation has its own unique customs and taboos, at the time of the wedding menu should understand guest's ethnicity, religion, occupation, habits and taboos, satisfying menu flexibility is matched with our guests. For example traditional Islamic wedding eight bowls, ten bowls of beef and mutton dishes are usually based, pay attention on the distribution of chickens, ducks, fish dishes, with rich ethnic characteristics.
Note four: dishes name selection auspicious language, to expression on new better of wishes Pearl double shrimp we can take life for wing, milk soup fish round we can named for sex dependent, dates longan Lotus peanut soup we can named for early health your child; married banquet in the of dish products if is color, and material, and taste pairs on we usually to Mandarin Duck named as: Mandarin Duck fillets, and Mandarin Duck chicken NAO, and Mandarin Duck crisp, to placed new harmony happy of wishes. Dish similar to the naming taboo in two Dragons frolicking with, a long column, the second name, PHENIX. BACK PAGE