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Small series of FAQ: new wedding formula for the perfect dinner party

Remember before the wedding reception guests background and character:
Before the wedding to the guests there is a general understanding is very important, because both of the man's friends, also has a woman friend, there might be some that they didn't contact each other before, so prior to the invitation list is thin and mutual understanding can greatly open up from embarrassment in the wedding scene. Guests in the outgoing, introverted, not one, for they should be treated separately: outgoing friend introverted friends sit on a match as closely as possible, is best known to sit at the same table, within the wedding don't forget friends, say hello to them in a timely manner, but not so for them, such as forced toast.
Smart toast:
In married banquet hotel banquet in the groom bride inevitably to by friends of toast, but must to reluctantly, began of when must cannot performance out Cup Cup are dry of forthright, or regardless of is alumni also is new will and you to a "que Republika", 0 Ding drunk not only will effect whole married banquet of for, more bad has bridal chamber of "good"! so in married banquet Qian will do prepared, pick two a will drink and GAB of groomsmen bridesmaid do for shield, this but must to of Oh! toast before and after must to arrangements a suspense of content, Until after the toast, and echoing the before and after, tell you a toast over what we do, please look forward to, otherwise a lot of people think nothing can go eat a meal, don't make a scene. But if announced in followed by the suspense to reveal, there is more content to, so the wedding people will not disrupt the process of your wedding.
How to address wedding programs:
After the wedding, must not games as the episode mocked the couple, this is the most difficult to deal with for some time in the past. Then the couple should try to show generous fell tired appearance, trying to cater to, or you more shy, they booed will be totally stuck in the trap of setting. This season is a faster programs one program to finish, as soon as possible, please, as long as the couple together, spend the first "affliction" will complete the historical mission of the wedding.
The wedding episode:
Wedding site inevitably met some small of status, for example suddenly put not out music, and microphone didn't voice either is guest suddenly not comfortable, status, then new people must to calmly face, some technical of problem can immediately requirements hotel service personnel either is wedding company immediately processing about, while MC can with discourse transfer guest of attention, and new people to keep calm surface with smile have continues to for wedding of program. If guests are not feeling well and so on, can go up to the bar to wait for care, and told their parents either were relatives to take care of, concerned and does not affect the wedding process. All in all, in front of the wedding preparations, and change their attitude, happiness for your romantic wedding! BACK PAGE