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Small ideas: outdoor wedding rain what to do

1th: fell in love with plan b the worst thing is that before the wedding day, and you only hands, pray for good weather, but you would never consider a scheme of things. If you are another way of thinking, in plan b inputs and plan a considerable reflection on time and ready to work, so you must be prepared to deal with the big day can occur the same day, miserable weather conditions. Wedding planning experts suggest, State of mind is important to adjust and prepare in advance. So, plan b is also full of hope and enthusiasm, the best love b Oh!
2nd: bride and groom wedding venues in the climate of optimism the vagaries of the season or region, and you do not have the power to change such a situation, what you need most is sanguine in the face. For example, summer in the South, there will always be sporadic sprinkle of rain and a storm. In this case, the bride and groom are not passive. In the reserve room for a minute, and soon will usher in the most beautiful outdoor wedding. Maybe this is God deliberately created a rainbow, you do a wedding gift.
3rd: specify wedding decisions, known as the "decision", is the wedding day of the accident, persons determination decision. This character appears to be unimportant, or do you think that everything you consulted, that's wrong! wedding day an infinite number of friends and family, meet a few things, everyone rushes, where there is time to discuss the deliberations. Therefore, to identify candidates for an ability to act quickly before the wedding. For example, wedding company in charge, although they are not family or friends, but experience a lot of wedding with professional knowledge and judgment.
4th: making rain-proof ceiling even if it rains, also do not quench your desire and passion for outdoor wedding? if this did happen, rain-proof ceiling will come in handy. At the reception desk, restaurant buffet, guests seat space can be set up on top of a big umbrella or rain-proof shed. Of course, this device can only deal with small to moderate rain, if it's a thunderstorm, I only gave up the idea outdoor wedding.
5th: from outdoor to indoor this method may be the bride and groom are the most reluctant to hear, but the most practical method. Of course, you can't foolproof methods as simple site into, to before the onset of heavy rains, smoothly "perfect copy" + "Teleport", still needs to done enough preparation. If outdoor wedding, garden theme, then transferred to the Interior when necessary to enclose the bouquet, flower, flowers, as well as other important decorative element is moved to an indoor, if the budget is adequate, you can get some. In this way, even if an indoor wedding, it was expected.
For all indoor venues of choice, you still need to pay attention to: 1. Outdoor wedding venue close to the 2. Makes you feel comfortable place; 3. Make it clear to guests of the location of the 4. Convenient parking. BACK PAGE