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Optional wedding site very simple to grasp the key elements

Elements a, and clear of theme, and style despite each married banquet site are has it special attract people of details, but first to do of is, cannot mess has footed, first determine wedding of theme and the style, if intends to held relative Grand of wedding, will select site itself compared open, can for mass layout of site, and simple style of wedding is not focuses on Yu this, and to select itself has features of site, for wedding decorative Shi will can full using its design structure. Remember, even if a Chinese hotel has many beautiful details you put it down, but you have already determined she should have a Western theme wedding, then the advantages the hotel may be not quickly pass away.
Factor II, know the venue, determine in Scouting is very important, in Scouting at the same time, new people can also communicate with the hotel sales staff to learn more about the venue, the venue's shape, size, and function is crucial, summed up a few points:
Rectangular area: Hotel Ballroom is the most commonly used shapes, the distinction between primary and secondary guest is not obvious.
Circle: more luxury retro feel, but seating space is not practical.
Irregular-shaped venue: national Studio types detailed classification according to our guests, to producing small, intimate atmosphere.
Pull the site: after half of the guests will be ignored and is deeply dissatisfied with the venues most likely to cause problems, but as long as the midfielder was easily resolved by inserting a large-screen.
Many venues will be featured with the signature layout, it is recommended that new people don't adopt, unique style and be yourself.
Factor III, stage momentum, desktop to wide to be able to imagine the low Wedding Hall ceremony? this surface is stretched open. Take the catwalk today especially popular in the wedding, wedding banquet hall is too small, I'm afraid the runways are set up. Therefore, the Office of at least 4 meters high. In addition, the corridor should be within 15 meters of length, so that the red-carpet ritual, if carpet is not long enough, ceremony, prelude music has not finished, walked the red carpet, no momentum whatsoever.
In addition, the round table also deserve attention, 1.8 meters in diameter, round table, more spacious than 1.6 meters, need a table for 11 people, or couples with children, and desktop is wide is the key.
Factor IV, traffic, parking is a big problem no matter which type wedding held, venue location guests are most concerned about the issue. Therefore, the choice of wedding venue to give top priority to comfort. Location in the city centre would be nice, a little, just near the Metro guests can accept. In addition, it should be noted that there are parking issues, many hotels are only a few parking spaces, others charge by the hour, so guest spending big. Carefully count it, 15 Yuan for an hour of parking fees, even if the table/2 car, 15 table 30 cars is not a small number. However, is not without remedy approach, many hotels now have a valet parking service, which you can ask in advance.
Factor five, post hate, audio post more of the perfect wedding venue, this is not another thing that makes guests feel comfortable about. Because the post may block part of the guest's eyes, that they cannot be easily watched the wedding process in its entirety. However, there is not no way, one solution is to use projection video, obscured sight of guests can also watch the ceremony live. Second solution was increased using fabric, flowers and other decorations on the column, can not only enhance the sense of decoration of the venue, but also reduce the sense of column block.
In addition, sound, projection, chasing light ... ... These devices must be selected when doing a full confirmation, otherwise the wedding moment, expensive or self-made video background music when she "stalled", that is an embarrassment. BACK PAGE