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On expressways, the couple had selected shooting

Press Yuan Huixiang.
Danger at his side.
Police on this on new of reckless behavior give serious warning criticism, to took out a group satisfaction of wedding, 26th afternoon, and quickly will 4 people all with away from Highway, pair new had select in highway Shang shooting, for prevent accident occurred, from vehicles roared and had, province high-speed police 12 brigade police in Fu silver Highway 378 km at patrol Shi, also has curious of owners from time to time brake probe wait-and-see. Nantong best wedding photography photographs the couple off the freeway Qiu Zhihua/photo shoot the wedding be sure to find a nice place, the highway greening is very beautiful. Wedding photography but in Nantong.
Go there to take a group! 26th, since this behavior was stopped not hazards, and traffic safety education.
Select the scenery at the same time, found two men and two women shot photos on the highway, the police immediately to stop this reckless behavior, leading to road traffic chaos, and no one bothered.
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