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Generation new selection of several elements of the hotel booking wedding recommend

Wedding venue layout to understand:
Wedding style:
Wedding venue once determined, towards your wedding style is generally clear. Hard forced wedding planners to help you in a white Western-style design in the space of a Chinese wedding, and colourful venues to create a pure aesthetic impressions wedding. Wedding venues style: pure classical Chinese style, Western-style retro-style, exotic style, modern simple style. Wedding styles for the three earlier single, finally you can flexibly change.
Hotel layout:
Ceremony of the shape for the table display and control most influential wedding atmosphere.
Rectangular venue: the most common shape of the Hotel Ballroom, high-placed freedom, including primary and secondary respectively is not obvious.
Rectangular venue: easily ignore unpopular to the back half of the guests, large-screen solution is inserted in the midfield.
Circular venue: more luxury retro feel, but seating space is not practical.
Irregular-shaped venue: type a detailed classification according to our guests, to producing small, intimate atmosphere.
Value-added services:
If a site has ceremonial hall, lush gardens, beautiful fountains, bar ... ... Several possible options the wedding, new temporary change, can also play more stunt tricks at the wedding. So the site you should consider these with additional potential, they are likely to bring fresh fun for the wedding.
Investigation of the wedding venue:
Space vision:
Unless you invite guests or less wedding special, or regular shape, vision of the site must be your first choice. Taking into account the new interaction with the guests in the wedding, block the sightlines of the large pillars, screens, curtains had better not be, if unavoidable, could consider the venue more can synchronize audio-video equipment to make up for the shortage of the wedding process.
Wedding is not for show, but since you have invited guests to witness a series of sacred link to decently, cramped stage is not only unsightly, is not enough to show the wonderful wedding. 30-square-meter high stage is essential, if not met, wedding program results will be affected. In particular the number of guest wedding, the stage must be big.
Audio visual equipment:
Modern wedding can bring wonderful sensory effect of optical media more and more to get people's attention. Audio, projection, chasing light ... ... These devices are essential to wedding, so need you select when doing a full confirmation, you carefully selected wedding music, invested a lot of money-making short films is possible thought.
Yishiting height:
Low ceiling, will bring the suppressed feeling depressed, higher Zenith Deluxe quiet taste. Unless you have a Grand wedding, high ceiling can only be super luxurious layout to match, or your wedding will look shabby. Generally moderate ground height is the best choice.
Wedding hotel services and amenities:
Before tasting dishes, newcomers will rely on past experience, or through word of mouth among friends media profile to understand the tastes of dishes. But now a growing number of small, regular meeting be held wedding exhibition, which also includes tasting dish links, which provide new understanding of site specific dishes taste good opportunities.
Traffic whether convenience if in traffic not convenient of venue held wedding, must will has guests after complained, so selected venue of when must to consider clear: downtown of venue must to has more Department public traffic facilities arrived, if is in slightly partial some of regional, is to consider to most of guests live area, do don't full to himself of traffic convenience for only starting point, has married car shuttle of only you.
Observation of service attitude in our reader interviews, many examples of the venue the day of service of dissatisfaction, and tend to concentrate in areas with heavy wedding gold holiday. Newcomers from the brand reputation, complaints, wedding exhibition normative perspective to make a measurement. If you can, waiter number of venue must provide written contract the same day.
Pre-function area size:
Some sites in the design did not take into account the requirements of the wedding, so the available area for welcoming small or no, so the couple must first and venue confirmed use in an area which can be used as a greeting, which decorate the can do, what assistance do not appear too crowded, decorate the predicament of the poor.
Guest rest area:
Some guests from the field when some guests came to the venue hasn't decorated properly, and some older guests need a comfortable position, if there are not enough large guest rest area will be snubbing the guests. Guests are free to use the venue arrangements, please rest interval, or ask someone leading the way to other rest areas is feasible.
Bridal makeup:
Dressing room than wedding so easy, there are many special requirements: space, because couples put a costume; the light is better, it is difficult to have makeup artist can draw beautiful makeup in the dark; from the Ballroom to close, or the new "Trek" time and effort. Venue will be specifically for the couple opened a small office next to the Ballroom as a dressing room, really considerate practice. BACK PAGE