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Generation new alternative party-wedding planning wedding

Couples often clothing because of the wedding couple at the party, may cause mobility Palace-wedding dress or tail wedding dress is not fit, simple line or a skirt or small swing tail style of highlighting the line of beauty is the first choice. Dress and groom in ceremonies during the day, you can light, and optional dark in the evening party dress.
Party-wedding venue layout:
Wedding venues you can choose the Party held in bars, cafes or clubs, place spacious enough to accommodate guests the best casual exchanges and move around. Because it is a Western-style weddings, so the layout of the site also preferably using flowers and tulle rendered atmosphere, such as props, but flowers colors the best uniform, otherwise it will look cluttered.
Since it is a fashion-minded weddings, then sent to the guests choices to avoid gifts or candy are the same. If this tailor-made wedding package a small gift, or gift wedding photos on the set, you may feel refreshing. But be sure to order the length of time is oh, so as not to miss the wedding process. To confirm a complete set of table and chairs decoration, fine Western-style tableware, charming music played, night, candlelit environment, ribbons in the little glass ornaments flowers, sign in to this place way, pastries taste characteristics, many of the details need to be carefully prepared, and clever use of details for the wedding of perfect plus.
Suitable for wedding party groups:
1. the young and fashionable white-collar sectors of the Golden-collars. Especially now that more and more young people choose their wedding in Shanghai in the field, because the two sides can't come to parents and relatives in the field, so most of the guests are friends and colleagues of the couple in a wedding. We have similar cultural backgrounds, facilitate the exchange of emotion or thought, and for a better understanding of Western forms of etiquette, the atmosphere is harmonious with the wedding party requirements.
2. from the cost point of view, simple wedding party, but judging from the food prices and the cost of site, each visitor spent about 200 Yuan. From the consumption point of view, they are acceptable, while the wedding party of Western-style dining style is also more agreeable. BACK PAGE