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Fashion tips to create the most personalized wedding romantic life

First, premarital preparation:
1. the invitation to establish the tone of the whole wedding, so this is to let the guests know they are participating in a personalized wedding tips for the first time. Design invitations that have special meaning to you, such as your favorite color, or add some special design. If you intend to open the Wedding Party at the beach, an invitation to shell elements can be used; or scroll invitations with ribbons; even the invitations made of origami, very creative.
2. right back feeling in love, on your first date restaurant before marriage exchanges with close friends, and friends to share your sweet or funny experience. Prepare one or two his specialties on the menu, such as MOM and Dad's specialty. Hotel chef recipes, telling him where are the clear characteristics of the dish, and to explain the origin of this dish on the menu, or do a little speech at the wedding to excite the atmosphere.
3. If there are a lot of guests from other cities, the famous local attractions, your favorite restaurant, printed as a booklet or purchase ready-made guide be distributed to guests, guests in this strange place convenient to travel, this will be the guests very helpful to guests.
Second, fine romantic wedding ceremony:
5. stage designed as a special wedding ceremony scene. Like Hollywood Boulevard, a cottage, or a representative of your hometown, scenes, even is some form of transport.
6. creative seating arrangements, such as on a mountain wedding, let the elders sat on the wooden chair, while others are sitting on the bench; or a wedding on the beach, you can make everyone comfortable shoes stepped on the soft sand.
7. attaches great importance to the wedding ceremony music. A professional band to play someone who you both are very meaningful or your favorite music, whether it's rock or ballad.
8. beautiful wedding vows do not need such as Shakespeare, just write down three reasons that you love him, there are three the most important pledge your commitment to each other.
9. in addition to covered with white carpet, you can spread with flowers or flower petals on the aisle. Of course, to agree on the prior consent of the administration.
10. is there a song between you can show each other love songs? wedding host at the ceremony to recite the lyrics, then used this song to do the opening song, such a perfect wedding can be very touching atmosphere opening.
Three, beautiful stylish wedding flowers:
13. the use in the wedding flower has a special symbolic meaning. For instance, he first sent your flowers, your favorite flower, or even your own species of flower are great.
14. selection when your mother to marry the most popular wedding flowers or mother married wanted to use and useless spending. In order to give my mother a surprise, putting her boutiques are in the middle of the wedding, this is an expression of love and respect.
15. don't forget Bridal, bouquets and corsages they tied with a special Ribbon, and choose their dresses to match hues.
16. who said brooch with flowers? want to highlight your fiance's personality, if he loves sports, then insert a sprig of FIR branches; if he is a chef, insert a sprig of Rosemary if you met in College, it is decorated with your favorite scarf!
Four, the flamboyant beverage:
17. modulation of a cocktail that represent your personality, use it instead of the plain wedding venue drink.
18. he ask you to drink wine for the first time or when you know each other's drink. Whatever you choose, remember the guests explained why it, or write it down in a special card in the bar.
19. the wines you like and share with guests, beautiful packaging you can also, as a gift for friends.
20. during the summer an outdoor wedding? waiting for start of the ceremony for the guests to prepare some cool drinks like iced tea or lemonade, if it's not wine is OK.
Five, mouth watering cuisine:
21. the guest or according to your own cultural background and religious practice to prepare a wedding menu.
22. If you are a foodie, find your favorite restaurant cooks to help you prepare for the wedding banquet food, way to show guests the taste you!
23. the resurgence of 50 popular dishes are, consider the use of those nostalgic items pay tribute to elders (perhaps your parents or even grandparents use these dishes when they married), don't forget to make a note on this point in the menu, let you know how it is.
24. in addition to the wedding cake, and then arrange a dessert dessert, when all your favourite candy snacks are on the top. And those gorgeous elegant container, creating a wonderful contrast. Let your friends and youth memories with you that lovely fun. BACK PAGE