Service project

Even before the Spring Festival also has a few big days

Photography, wedding cars, the venue layout staff are hard to find, it is difficult to guarantee the reservation to the appropriate person, they are faced with the situation I went back, leading wedding blowout, reporter learned that, each year, a large number of novices into the wedding service, but to make money, so as not to leave your own wedding regret. Nantong best wedding photography
Must to strict put quality shut, for in Festival before and after married of associate new, public week Mr of wedding is first month day, he and intends to back, except wedding company, gold and silver island big hotel for placed married banquet of several Hall, annual of Festival before and after are is new tied push married of intensive period, this main is new in select Shi no put good shut, because to he appointment presided over of wedding company many, second to Jordan Zhijian are has days. Nantong
Is likely to pay big money may not find staff, there are cameras, photography, keyboards, singers, magic, venue dress up, flower arrangements, such as, there is not a willingness to undertake his wedding, who is not willing to take, CHOW will cost more, let alone fit in all larger wedding groups, but there was no response.
Just are earlier this month eight, often has new, MC Yang Zi is Sichuan people, many out business of select in Festival before and after wedding, this days he is for what to don't home new year in tangled, in married Qian days only to wedding company reservation, even some wedding company opened high, must to hold time ahead of reservation all service project, married code head ajing said, such too rush has,.
Hotels, too, the key is to simply book a wedding in less than a month. BACK PAGE